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We know how hard it gets to create outstanding winning campaigns for e-commerce nowadays. iOS 14 updates have impacted all brands and stores around the world. Use to Tuwio stay ahead of your competition.

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Higher conversion rates, lower costs for your digital marketing campaigns - from the first week you're with Tuwio.

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Tuwio is simple & fast. Just import your audience list to your dashboard and start running ads - works for every major ad platform.

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Hear it from Our Clients

Daphne Echols

Compass Brands
Managing 8 brands and launching a new one every four months is not an easy feat. We're relying on Tuwio's audiences for coming up with profitable digital marketing campaigns for achieving profitability faster.

Wise Man Coffee

Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵
With Tuwio, we have a full solution for creating competitor-based ad campaigns we can prove is driving conversions and repeat purchases for our local shop and e-commerce store. Highly recommended.

D. Suleiman

Boulder, CO 🇺🇸
Launching our direct-to-consumer site after our Etsy operation was an overstep, especially with the ad costs going up every week. Luckily we've came across Tuwio and it's been wonderful from the first weeks.


We believe in audience-based marketing, above anything else. This allows us to help our customers gain a substantial advantage over what’s available to everyone: Expensive, keyword-based, interest-based targeting through our cutting-edge advertising technology.
An audience is a group of users from social networking websites that you are tracking for the purposes of showing your ads. In comparison with traditional ad platform mechanisms, Tuwio services have no limits for targeting. This allows you to go very granular and specific, even targeting your competitor’s audience and customers directly.
Tuwio leverages publicly available data to gather a multitude of data points, which we use to filter and vet through our algorithms to create highly targeted custom audience lists. You can sign up and get your first audience ready with the help of your dedicated account manager.
Yes! We are GDPR (Europe) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant. However, you can not use our audience lists to contact them directly without getting them to opt-in first.
No! Tuwio is a stand-alone tool that helps you generate custom audiences – real people that are engaging with your target or competitor. You can use Tuwio audience lists by importing them into your preferred ad platforms.
Tuwio lists are delivered in standard CSV format, with email + phone numbers within the file. You can simply import them to your ad manager and start running your ads right away. For any need for help, our customer support team is there to assist 24/7, and each client gets a dedicated account manager.

Tuwio is not an agency. We work with brands, companies and agencies of all sizes to help them do better ad targeting and imcrease profitability. If you’re currently working with an agency, or planning to work with one, you can still benefit from Tuwio.

Choose a subscription plan that fits you and make your payment via Stripe. The email address you used with Stripe will receive an email from the Tuwio Team for starting your journey. You can cancel your subscription any time, just contact your account manager about it.

We’ll do our best to help! You can use the Live Chat on this page, send us an email, or book a call with our team. Looking forward to meet you and help your business with Tuwio!

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